The 10 Best Dog Breeds for Kids

Child raise has very, if not the most important impact on a person’s future. For that reason, if we already decided to have a dog along with the kids in the house, it would be of big significance to pick one who is most suitable for that.

What should we take in consideration when looking for a child-friendly dog ? First of all, it all depends on your lifestyle, level of energy and living situation. When you have found a pupper that is appropriate to that all, to you personally, only then you can start to search for one most suitable for children.

Generally speaking you will probably search for a friendly, gentle, trainable, and obedient family doggo. In order to help you in your search we made a list of 10 best dog breeds for kids:

1.Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese Mountain dogs are a large-size breed who are often considered as gentle giants. Although they are big and weigh up to 50 kg, still Bernese is a canine with warm hearth and lots of love and care for children.

These dogs are intelligent and easy to train, furthermore playful and friendly to other pets.

However, they drool and shed a lot, so you might have a cleaning issue. Also, if you are not home for longer periods of time these dogs tend to develop separation anxiety and are not the best choice for busy and absent parents.

2.French Bulldog

French Bulldogs are indoor types of dogs which love to be in an apartment more than in a backyard. If you are also the lazier type of person who likes to take a good rest after a strenuous working day, your frenchie will gladly make you company.

These pooches get better along with the kids if they are properly socialized from an early age. They are almost never aggressive and their gentle temper makes both kids and parents fall in love with them.

Playing too hard and too long with these dogs might be harmful because they are prone to overheat very fast, therefore be aware of that during the play.


The Poodle is a very popular breed who comes in three versions (toy, miniature and standard) and in three colors (black, white and apricot), no matter which type of poodle is in question they get along with children very well.

These fluffy creatures are docile and easy to train, always prefer to stay with their humans, what makes them great family dogs. These dogs shed very little and even we might consider them hypoallergenic.

All these above mentioned qualities prove us how this playful pooch really could be a good childhood friend for your young ones.


What would be better for your kids than to grow up with so silly and looney doggos like Pugs.

Their two favorite sports are being lazy on the sofa and eating.  Except for their ability to lay on the couch and watch tv with you they also like to play. Pug is easy to train and adores to play with children, and this dog’s level of steadiness and patience helps there a lot.

You only have to watch their diet and activity volume because of their short noses which make them get tired very fast. All in all Pugs are definitely one of the best small dogs for toddlers.


The best description for Newfoundland would be a sweet gentle giant. From the big dog category they are probably the biggest of all the dogs that are good with kids.

These dogs are quite self-restraint and watchful, in combination with their body constitution and temperament they are perfect guard dogs for your children.

Interesting fact about them is that Newfies are excellent swimmers, they can easily overcome big strong ocean waves, or even work underwater for rescue cases.

Also, talking about the “water” , they tend to drool a lot, but with time  you can get used to it, it is no big deal.

6.Labrador Retriever

Widespread accepted as the best family dogs for decades, Labrador retrievers love everyone in general; from their owners and their kids, other pets, even strangers they met for the first time in life.

Their sweet manners make them everybody’s best friend. Labradors are widely used as therapy dogs, that shows us how calm and patient they are, which makes them outstanding with children.

The favorite way of play for labs is retrieving and swimming, they are also one of the dogs which need daily amounts of serious exercise.


Vizslas are highly active dogs originated from Hungary. Vizsla thrives on through exercise, but on the other hand shows a lot of affection when not working.

In the past, they were bred to be a royal hunting dog, from there comes curiosity, higher energy level and elegance, all packed in one.

This dog is a good choice if you are prone to spend a lot of time on outside activities.

If you are not willing to have the standard Labrador or Goldie then consider Vizsla seriously. With their enviable energy level, high emotional intelligence, love to their owner and especially to the children, they will justify your decision.

8.Bichon Frise

Although it is not hyperactive, this little fluffy ball likes to play a lot. By giving them a lot of attention and time to play you will have in your house one of the best possible dogs for little kids.

Bichon Frise adapts extremely easily to life in the house.  They are also known as pooches that do not know about strangers, but rather see all people as friends who have yet to be met, which makes them great dogs for beginners.

Bichons are cheerful and tolerant domestic dogs and without any doubt they will surely make every child’s growing up fun and happy.

9.Cocker Spaniel

The Cocker Spaniel is a middle height breed, long hair with joyful temperament. Although they were originally bred to be bird dogs, today they are widely accepted as family dogs.

By nature, they are gentle and friendly, lively and great for socializing what makes them a great family dog. Cockers get perfectly along with small children and other pets as well.

These dogs show no aggression at all, they even like to play with strangers, which means they cannot be a good guardian dog.

10.Golden Retriever

Goldies are famous for their need to please everyone around them, from children to the elderly. As family dogs they are gentle, smart and enthusiastic and their level of tolerance and playfulness makes them perfect fit for every household with kids from small ages and older.

Because of their nature, strong and active bodies, they are made for an active lifestyle, therefore, take this in consideration and enable them plenty of playing like running, swimming, fetching etc. In return, they will ensure you many happy and silly moments you will memorize for the rest of your and your children’s life.

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