28 dogs facts you probably don`t know

Dogs have always been humans’ most loyal companions. They are human best friends. We can see them everywhere around us like in our homes, on television, in magazines, on funny videos on the internet and a lot more places. We all know a good deal of interesting information about dogs, but there are so many, so we could always find more of them. Read these 28 facts that we find fascinating and enhance your knowledge about dogs.

To know how long different dog breeds could live, the shape of their face could give an answer. Dogs with flat faces like English Mastiff and Bulldogs have shorter lives than dogs who have sharp, pointed faces. 

Dogs can be found all around the world in every country. The number one place with most dogs belongs to the United States. They own approximately 90 million dogs with about more than forty percent of households owning at least one dog.

Speaking of the United States the most popular dog breed are Labrador Retrievers. They have been America’s favorite dog breed for the last 29 years. Next two most popular are the German Shepherd and Golden Retrievers.

Scientists have researched that the first dog lived more than thirty thousand years ago, and that the most similar dog breed today that resembles that prehistoric dog is Siberian Husky.

The oldest dog breed that exists today is the Saluki. They can be traced back to Ancient Egypt back in 2100 B.C. where they were used as hunting dogs. 

Dog nose print is just a human fingerprint. There are no two dogs who have absolutely identical nose prints and can be identified by them. The nose prints have been used to identify dogs since 1938 by the Canadian Kennel Club.

The biggest dog ever recorded is an English Mastiff dog named Zorba. His measurement from his nose to his tail is 8’ 3″, and he weighs 343 pounds.

Letting your dog sleep with you in the bedroom can be beneficial for the quality of sleep. Some people also love to let their dog sleep with them in their bed but apparently that might not be a good idea.  

Talking about sleeping with dogs in bed, in the United States forty-five percent of dog  owners sleep with their dogs

Amongst animals the biggest heart can be found in Blue Whale(the highest recorded was 440 pounds found in 2014). But if we look at the size of the heart relative to animal body size our beloved dogs have the biggest one.

For men who want to increase their chances with women, having Golden Retrievers is the best option. Contrary to that, having Pit Bulls is the worst dog breed.

Almost every dog can bark. Only exception is Basenji. Although they can’t bark, one thing they can do to communicate with others is that they can yodel, scream and whine.

Owning an Akita can be a challenging task. According to some insurance companies have put Akitas as the number one bad dog. Having Akitas can raise your homeowners insurance cost.

Many people do not pay attention that their dog can just like humans be depressed. According to one study there are more than 3 million dogs in the United States that are on anxiety medicine like Prozac.

Most people know Dalmatian dogs from the movie 101 Dalmatians. They are beautiful dogs with black spots. But the fact that few people know is that they are born completely white and as they grow, the black spots start to appear. 

Interesting fact about dalmatian dogs is that thirty percent of them are deaf in one ear, and five percent of them are completely deaf.

When they are born, all puppies are deaf. As they grow, they can hear much better than people, as much as four times better.

Some people think of their dogs as their children. One thing that dogs and a two-year-old child have in common is they are similar in intelligence. Dogs can understand around 250 words and gestures just like small children can. If you ever wonder why children at these ages and dogs have special bonds, you may finally find the answer.

Many owners realize that their dogs sometimes pretend to be sick. The reason for that is they want to get attention from their owners.

For the people who have allergies and like dogs, their health issues can be an obstacle for becoming a dog owner. Solution to that problem could be Maltese dogs who don’t shed and don’t produce problems normally associated with dogs and allergies.

Dogs can eat a lot of foods that people eat, but one food they can’t eat is chocolate. Reason for that is that chocolate contains an ingredient called theobromine which dog metabolism cannot process and can become very deadly for them. 

We all know people who have lots of dogs but nobody comes close to Kublai Khan who owned more than five thousand Mastiff dogs. 

If you are searching for the best name for your dog, it’s good to know the most popular names for dogs. For male dogs the most popular names are Max and Jake, and for female dogs are Molly and Maggie.

Border Collie and Poodle are the most intelligent dog breeds, while Afghan Hound and Basenji are the least intelligent dogs. 

Have you ever heard about the ancient city named Peritas. It’s the city that Alexander the Great named in the memory of his beloved dog.

In the Guinness Book of World Records can be found an Australian cattle dog named Bluey who is officially the oldest dog to ever live. He lived to be twenty-nine years and five months old. He died in 1939.

Great example of how intelligent dogs can be is shown in stray dogs in Moscow where they learn how to ride a complex subway system that can help them in searching for food.

Dogs can breed very fast. One female dog together with her female children can produce up to 4,372 puppies in just seven years.

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