14 Facts That Prove Dogs and Human are Perfect Match

Dogs are people’s best friends, so we forget all the facts and reasons why our companionship is so great. Here is the list of some of these facts that can prove that we are meant to be with our beloved dogs.

1. Nothing shows better how many people and dogs like to be with each other than blood pressure in humans that goes down when petting a dog. Exactly the same things happen with dogs also, proving that we are meant to be together. Spending time with dogs is for sure great relaxation for people, and we should engage in spending more time with our beloved dogs. 

2. Dogs can help to find you love. One study was researching the importance of dogs in finding love and their findings proved that dogs can help you while dating. Having a dog while talking to the girls helped the man get the girl’s phone number at significantly higher rates than those men who haven’t had a dog. Chance went from 10 percent for men without dogs to 33 percent for men with dogs. Also in that study more than 66 percent of men and women said that they would not date a person who does not love pets. 

3. Some dogs have problems getting separated from their owner when they leave the house. It’s confirmed that dogs can have separation anxiety. Instead of giving the dog some anxiety medication try to give him your worn clothes that have a scent of you and that way the dog can smell you and feel safe that you would come home to him.

4. Dogs have a good sense of time. They can differentiate if something lasts for half an hour or four hours. When they learn some routine activities, they can be ready for them. For example, they know when it is time to get a regular walk time or when the next meal will be served. And if you came home at the same time, dogs would learn that, and they would be at the door happily waiting for you. 

5. Another useful way dogs can help people is with their health issues. If dogs are properly trained they could detect cancer and other diseases. Dogs have much better smelling capabilities than humans. Because cancerous cells release different smells than healthy cells, dogs can just by smelling human breath detect if a person is healthy or if they are sick. 

6. When we talk about dogs’ sense of smell it’s an interesting fact to know that they are a hundred thousand times better than humans. Dogs can smell how you feel. If you are happy, dogs can detect that and would know that you would like to play with them. They also can feel if someone is afraid of them.

7. If you ever wonder if dogs can understand what you are talking to them, the answer is yes. They have the ability to learn over a thousand words. Dogs have the same vocabulary knowledge as little children. 

8. One bad fact that both dogs and humans have in common in today’s world is they both have problems with obesity. Over half of dogs in the United States are overweight and that number is on the rise. Feeding them with too many calories and not giving them enough exercise time can raise them to obesity in a short time and consequently give them many health problems and also shorten their lifespan. Good advice for owners would be to start a new healthy diet together with their dog, and to start exercising with them. It is always easier to start being healthy if we have a good friend that would start that process with us and who’s better than our beloved dogs.

9. Have you ever heard about festivals where humans thank dogs for their unconditional loyalty and friendship? A festival named Tihar which is celebrated in Nepal and some parts of India is a must go to every dog lover. It’s a five day dog celebration where people come from different parts of regions and spend some great time with dogs and give them some delicious food. You definitely must put these amazing festivals on your travel bucket list.

10. How do you talk to your dogs? Do you talk to them like you talk to adults or children? Based on science, dogs prefer when we talk to them with high-pitched baby talk. The University of York conducted a study, and they found that dogs don’t like when we talk in a normal adult voice but rather prefer the talking we also do when talking to babies.

11. It’s not just humans who dream. When it comes to sleeping and dreaming, dogs have similar sleep patterns and brain activity as humans. All dogs have dreams but especially the small breed dogs. We don’t know exactly what they dream about but according to Psychology Today, they are probably imagining activities like playing outside with people or other dogs.

12. When humans are stressed they are likely to have problems with sleeping. The same thing happens to dogs. If they had some negative experiences they tend to lie awake at night and worry about problems. And if they are asleep, they are prone to tossing and turning while sleeping just like people are. Other sleeping facts in dogs we know is when they feel safe and secure, then they sleep belly up.

13. If you want a pet who would love you unconditionally without any reward, dogs are just for you. Dogs are among a small group of animals who are there for you and that don’t expect anything in return. They are ready to show voluntary unselfish kindness toward their owners.

14. Your dogs can get very jealous when you give other dogs attention. It is not the same jealousy as adult human experience but more in a way how infants might get jealous. So be prepared to give your beloved dog a lot of attention even where there are other dogs. 

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