12 Most Loyal Dog Breeds

We all know that dogs are humans’ best friends, but there are different types of friendships. 

Some dogs love every human being no matter what, but some are not like that. The dogs on this list are the ones that are known to be the most loyal to their people, who would love them infinitely and form special bonds with their owners. Here are twelve of the most loyal dog breeds that you can have, in no particular order. We could put many more excellent dogs on this list but for now let’s meet these 12 wonderful dogs.


These large dogs breeds who came from Japan are known to be very protective of their family and are a symbol of long and healthy life. They are also known as not trustworthy of strangers so the owners from their births should sociable them with other people and other dogs. One Akita dog was very famous for his loyalty. His name was Hachiko. He would go to the train station every day with his owner. And when the owner died, that didn’t stop Hachiko from going to the train station every day for ten years and waiting for the owner to come home. 

2.Golden Retriever

They are one of the most popular dog breeds in the world and many people enjoy their company. Golden Retrievers are known as very beautiful and intelligent dogs who are full of energy and are playful. One thing that makes them favorite breeds for families is that they are very loyal and they like to be around people. They are often used as service or therapy dogs to help people live better lives. Their big smiles are also a huge factor why people like them.


Next on the list is boxers. They are big and goofy dogs who are also athletic, affectionate and protective which makes them a great dog for children. And when they are properly trained they form a true natural bond with his human family. While their not so good history of being used in dog-fighting they don’t naturally possess aggressive behaviors. Only time they will use any aggression is when they need to defend their family which makes them one of the most loyal dog breeds to their owners.


There is a reason why these majestic dog breeds were used as a main character in the famous movie Lassie where the whole world could learn about loyalty that collie have for their family. Collies are known to have huge energy and they would be active all day so be prepared to offer them a lot of exercise. If you are looking for a great dog for your children to play with, collie is a perfect match.

5.German Shepherd

German Shepard are one of the most popular and loved dogs around who are incredibly intelligent. They also make good friendships with humans so you could use them as your friend when you go walking or running. They would not love you immediately but with time they get to know you and they become extremely loyal. Many people find them a great way to protect their family and home. They are also known as service dogs. They help humans, police officers and airport security dogs.

6.Saint Bernard

If you watched the movie Beethoven then you are familiar how loving and loyal Saint Bernard’s are. They are one of these huge dogs that like to cuddle with people so be prepared. They earned a reputation of being good rescue dogs by monks in Swiss Alps who use them to find and rescue lost travelers. If you are looking for a dog that would be a great addition for your family that your children would like to be around then you can go wrong by choosing Saint Bernard as your home dog.

7.Labrador Retriever

When it comes to loyal dogs these lists can´t go without mentioning Labrador Retrievers. They are American’s favorite dog breed precisely for their friendly nature, intelligence and loyalty. Labradors are often used as therapy dogs and would be around you even when you are sick. From their name we know they are retrievers, the ones that always come back to you. Labs love everybody. For that reason they would not be a good guard dog because they would fall in love even with an intruder.

8.Yorkshire Terrier

This little cute doggy may be one of the smallest but their loyalty to their owners is huge. 

They are known as lap dogs who back in history were used to catching rats in clothing mills but eventually became family dogs of high society families during the Victorian era. Yorkshire terriers get very attached to their human family and become very skeptical of all people they don’t know, but on the other side they get along with other dogs or cats in the house.


Bulldogs have a reputation for being very bad and aggressive dog breeds but as soon as you meet them better you will find that they can be one of the most loyal dogs. They have an inclination to fall in love with their owners and love them forever. Their heart is full of love for their owners and they would make everything to protect them. Once they establish a special bond with their owner they would become very jealous of any other dogs. 


Because of their weird look they are known as “weiner dogs”. They were bred to hunt badgers so that explains why they are very strong and independent. Also, they are one of the most loyal breeds and many people love to have them as many famous people owned them like Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol and David Hockney. Dachshunds are very independent but don’t assume they don’t like to spend time playing with humans so be prepared to have a fun time with them.


These adorable hound dogs are known to be happy, energetic and most importantly loyal companions. When parents need a perfectly loyal dog for their kids, beagles come to be an obvious choice who would be gentle and protective. But if children are under eight years old parents need to supervise them because beagles can be very hyper active. With just minimum socializing, beagles will strongly bond with their human family and they also love spending time with people and other dogs.


They are the smallest dog breed that exists but their strong bark and enormous love for their owner in your eyes makes them look like the biggest dog in the world. They are so devoted to their owners that you couldn’t be any second without them. Be prepared to give them a lot of attention as they would take as much as they can get. When it comes to hanging with other dogs they prefer to be with their own breed.

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