Top 10 Dog Breeds That Like To Be Lazy

All of us dog owners love to play with our favorite four-legged pets. But whether we want to admit it to ourselves or not, there are a lot of moments when we want more peace after a hard day’s work.

Having a dog as a pet is all the happiness of this world, but quite often it is also an obligation. For this reason, it is good to know which breed has a natural tendency to be a little bit lazy and requires less time for its owner to play and walk.

Each of us prefers a more specific type of breed that fits into our character and lifestyle, and that is why we have decided to give you a list of the 10 laziest dogs in the article down below:

1. Japanese Chin

The Japanese chin, as its name suggests, always keeps its chin up and is ready to be petted. This breed, originally from China and Japan, was bred by the owners to sit in the owners’ lap.

 Their main type of exercise is jumping into the owner’s lap.

Sometimes with such life habits and preferences you would think you own a cat.

They get along great with children, but care should be taken that children do not bully them in any way as this could negatively affect the character of this cute doggie.


Bullmastiffs could be called “gentle giants”. This name would be appropriate for them because with their impressive and strong appearance, they belong to the category of large dogs, and on the other hand they are again gentle, calm and lazy.

By the way, they are loyal and brave dogs who can be excellent family keepers, and this role has been intended for them throughout history.

This breed does not require too much activity other than classic walks, but you must provide him with a good couch in the apartment where he can lie down and enjoy lazing, and you would not even mind letting them into your lap if possible.

3.English Bulldog

For this medium-sized breed that comes from England, it is considered that of all the dogs, they prefer to be petted the most.

Due to their short nose pressed inside, these dogs are not able to do heavy exercises, so they are somehow innate to be lazy. They like to lie down and you will catch them snoring rather than barking at someone.

English bulldogs are cuddly and often use these traits when they choose to be stubborn by not listening to the orders of their owners. They like to work in their own way, but they will definitely get into your skin and you will slowly start to listen to their “commands”

4.Chinese Crested

Wherever you take a Chinese crested with you, you will always attract attention because of its unusual and somewhat aristocratic looks.

These doggos are suitable for coexistence in the apartment and do not require much action, a few classic walks and a little play is enough for them.

Attention should be paid during the very cold and very warm months. When walking outside, they should be protected against the sun, i.e. dressed in something warm if it is cold because they do not have hair over their body and therefore have a harder time by reacting to challenging weather conditions.

5.French Bulldog

French bulldogs with their appearance leave the impression of an intelligent dog, so it is not surprising that they are so popular today.

They are usually single owner dogs, and are an ideal partner if you go on a trip alone because they are quite adaptable, hardly shed and barely bark.

Two things should be noted: you should exercise with them sometimes so they do not become obese, and secondly, do not take them with you for swimming because they are quite bad swimmers due to their body shape.

Although this dog looks muscular and often knows how to be active, the French Bulldog still prefers to rest all day long. Due to its appearance, popularity and character, we can rightly say that this cute doggie belongs to the very top of the selection of the most desirable dogs for less active owners.

6.Saint Bernard

Although they look scary with their appearance, Bernardines are sociable dogs who have a heart as “big” as their body.

In the past they were used as rescuers for people buried in avalanches, while nowadays you can find them more often in some neighborhoods than in the Alps. In modern times, they gained the greatest popularity by showing in the films Beethoven 1,2,3 and 4.

These dogs are calm and patient, and they deserve a place on our list of lazy dogs because it is hard to get them to do any activity, they would rather be at peace and taking care of their humans.


Because of their look and popularity before, Pekingese lived in chinese palaces. When we think about it better they really look and behave royal with their furry coat and a big dog attitude.

This charming pure bred doggie is totally satisfied with living in an apartment. Your lap will be their safest and most comfortable place to be, all ideas about some action will be forgotten in that moment.

Since they are so small and cute, children might injure them during rough play, for that reason they would be a better choice for homes without small kids.


We could say this cute little doggo is packed with lots of personality, but even though this is the case they get along with strangers and other animals.

The Pug is a great family dog, and because of the small size fits perfectly in apartment living , always funny and playful. But beware – these little fellows are prone to overeating so better watch out their diet.

Their sensitivity to extreme temperatures makes them happiest when frolicking around indoors than doing activities outside, short walks outside only are enough for them.

9.Chow Chow

These little bears with lion’s hair conquer hearts all around the world. Most of all they love to sleep and snuggle with their owners.

This breed does not stand heat, which is expected because of their fur, so you will not need to do a lot of exercising. One walk before you leave your home and after you come back would satisfy their daily needs for actions outside.

Chow Chows are very bright, and sometimes quite stubborn and independent, do not be surprised when they know what you want from them but simply decide not to do it.


This pup got the name after the city of Havana in Cuba, where it is celebrated as their national dog.

The Havanese is a great household dog who loves spending time with its owner and being pampered. Their need for walks and play outside is minimal and that makes them the perfect choice for our list.

Also, these sweet little creatures are easy to train, adore children and get along with other animals.

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