9 Cutest Dog Breeds

All dogs are amazing and beautiful but for some reasons some dogs immediately catch our eyes for many different reasons. One of the reasons can be that they are so cute that we could stare at them for hours without removing our huge smiles. When we decide to get a new dog we would consider many things like how big or small they are, do they need a lot of attention and training or are they low maintenance. But for a lot of people the main thing is how adorable their new dog buddy is. So the best thing is to get yourself a cute dog that would bring happiness to your home. Here is our list of nine cutest dogs based on our own opinion in no particular order, so let’s meet these cute beautiful dogs.

1. Pomeranian

This adorable little breed is known to be very friendly, sometimes cocky, and fluffy. He may be small but his personality is the size of a big dog. Their names come from Pomerania which is a region in north-central Europe that’s now part of Poland and Germany. They became popular in time when Queen Victoria was a fan of these breeds and was a leading breeder of Pomeranian. Be careful when you put photos with them on the internet because they could get more likes then you. The best example is a famous Pomeranian dog named Jiffpom who has more than ten million followers on Instagram.

2. Pug 

As we all know about pugs, they are incredibly cute and nobody can’t stop looking at their cute little faces. They are known to be affectionate, comical and playful. Pugs need a lot of attention and they totally like that. If you are looking to have a good time with your dog, pugs’ sense of humor will bring a lot of smiles and entertainment for their human family. Their origin is from China. Similar looking dogs can be found since 400 B.C.E. when Chinese emperors during the Song Dynasty and Tibetan Buddhist monk’s own them. They came to Europe by Dutch traders in the 1500s and from that point their popularity became worldwide. 

3. Shiba Inu 

Coming from Japan, these dog breeds are known to be used as hunting dogs. Shiba Inu has a lineage that dates back to 300 B.C.E making them one of the oldest dog breeds. But they didn’t come to the United States until 1954 when one military family brought them over.

Since then, their popularity among Americans has increased. Probably because of their adorable faces and their fox-like features. Shiba Inu is independent, reserved and often quiet, which can be a problem if you would like a breed that is affectionate. Many people think that Shiba Inu have a personality that is similar to cats. If you decide to own Shiba Inus better have a huge backyard because they like to run a lot. 

4. Pomsky 

Pomsky is not a purebred dog but a mixed breed between Pomeranian and Siberian Husky. Many people think of them as the cutest dog breed. They are small to mid-sized dogs somewhere between Pomeranian and Siberian Huskies in size. Pomsky likes to get a lot of attention and they are great with adults and children. Although they are small, they don’t like to be lazy or alone at home. They like to run a lot so be ready to spend a lot of time playing with them. Be prepared for daily grooming as they are one of the most demanding breeds.

5. French Bulldog 

This list cannot go without mentioning French Bulldog. Their origin can be traced to nineteenth century England. Later artisans began migrating to coastal France and they brought their dogs with them. They are one of the most photogenic breeds especially because of their flat nose and large, erect ears. So if you need a great looking dog to brag on Instagram or Facebook French Bulldog is a great option. French Bulldogs are very affectionate, smart and playful dogs. They are not very energetic and they do not handle heat well, so they can be good for city living. 

6. Bichon Frise 

They originally come from the Canary Island of Tenerife but are more known as a favorite dog breed amongst European nobles. Because of their natural tendencies to be playful and charming, during the 19th century they were used as circus dogs and street entertainer dogs. This little cheerful dog is one of the most adorable breeds who is always ready to entertain you and your friends. Reason why they are such good entertainers is because of their intelligence combined with a great look with ultra-soft hair that looks amazing. 

7. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

If any dog can steal your heart just by staring at you that would be Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. They are descended from sporting dogs, but they don’t need a lot of exercise. For people who like dogs who adore them, the Cavaliers may be perfect dogs because they need to be around people and they like to cuddle or sit in their owner’s lap. Even the Queen Elizabeth the First was prescribed to have the Cavalier to help warm her lap during the cold times.

8. Bernese Mountain Dog 

The biggest dog on our list, but not less adorable than smaller breeds. Bernese Mountain Dogs are known for huge physiques which is why people used them as extra muscle around farms, as watchdogs, and as a herding dog. But they are most famous as draft dogs which are capable of pulling many times their own weight which is most useful in mountains like the ones in west-central Switzerland region where they come from. Many people can be scared of them because of their huge size but they don’t need to, as they are known as “gentle giants” and are very affectionate.

9. Goldendoodle

When you mix two great looking dogs like Golden Retriever and Poodle, you get an amazingly cute Goldendoodle. They are friendly and affectionate dogs that everybody likes. From Golden Retrievers they inherited a laid-back and gentle temperament and from Poodle they got great intelligence. If you live in a small apartment, they may not be dogs for you because they need a lot of space. They require regular grooming and at least thirty minutes of daily exercise. 

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