Amazing man takes care of 50 disabled dogs that he saved from certain death

Jovica Znidaric takes care of 50 disabled dogs he saved from certain death. Many of those who were told that they would never walk and that euthanasia was the only solution, managed to walk with the help of daily practice and dedication. Jovica gave a dignified old age to abandoned dogs, which were used for vicious dog fights, and today they are real cuties.

Jovica Znidaric from Kraljeva in Serbia takes care of 50 dogs with disabilities in the yard in the Ribnica suburban settlement, whom he saved from certain death with the help of other members of the Spaske association. Each of these dogs carries a sad life story and was rescued from difficult conditions and cruel people, writes the local news portal

After his first disabled dog died, he decided to turn his life around and devote it to rescuing disabled dogs. As soon as I arrived, it struck me that he addresses each dog by name and knows its character and habits.

– I’ve always loved animals, especially dogs. It’s an inexplicable childhood love that I’ve often been labeled as a weirdo for. Nada, my first disabled dog, was something special. We did everything to save her. She reached France, but unfortunately, she died there because the tumor on her head was too big. Nevertheless, it was a “turning point” in my life. I know each dog’s name and character half the day and half the night. I know exactly who hangs out with whom, who sleeps where, what they like to eat, and how each dog reacts to strangers – emphasizes Jovica, while four dogs are sitting on his lap.

In addition to immobile dogs, there are also dogs rescued from battles, starved, old, and abandoned in this yard. With the help of daily special exercises, but with incredible love and dedication, I have managed to walk a large number of “written off” and completely immobile dogs.

Almost all dogs are mixed breeds, we only have two purebred dogs with similar difficult life histories. One of them is a female who was sweetened to the point of exhaustion and was used exclusively for mating and making money. Due to the extremely inhuman conditions, she became paralyzed and the owner threw her out. The only thing I could do was give her a chance to live the rest of her life with dignity. Luckily for me, she could walk and is now a happy and lively dog. So far we have had very good results because out of 20 dogs that were told they would never walk and that euthanasia was the only solution, 15 of them went for a walk. As the warm days are coming, we will soon install pools for them to exercise in the water, which is very effective and has a beneficial effect on the muscles.

The oldest dog that arrived first, a pit bull named Kaya with beautiful black eyes, is 13 years old—rescued from a dogfight. For years she starved, suffered from constant sore wounds, and lived in appalling conditions. But thanks to Jovica, Kaja lives out her old age as a lap dog, seeing other dogs as playmates, not opponents in battle.

Unfortunately, most dogs, especially disabled dogs, don’t grow old due to health problems and live much shorter lives than healthy dogs, which is the biggest pain point for Jovica, because, despite thorough veterinary examinations, there is often a farewell to the four-legged friend, totally unexpected, like thunder out of the blue.

Unfortunately, dogs with disabilities live shorter lives due to problems with their kidneys, heart, and digestive system, and the mere thought of separation is my biggest wound. I get attached to them very quickly, just as they attach to me. Very often a dog, which until yesterday was happily playing and running around, dies out of nowhere. It’s something I worry about every day – admits Jovica.

According to him, the interest of people in Serbia in adopting an old dog or a dog with a disability is almost non-existent, and he is particularly hurt by the fact that many people take purebred dogs from the hairdressing industry and are not aware of it that the dog is not a toy they will have tomorrow when they grow up.



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