The Top 10 Smartest Dog Breeds

A dog is man’s best friend, but some of our beloved pets figure things out faster than others. You have most likely heard in conversation with someone how they admire the intelligence of their dog. Is it just an impression or are some dogs really much smarter than others, how can we distinguish that? 

Although the level of a dog’s intelligence cannot be measured scientifically, it is considered their intelligence is somewhere at the level of a three-year-old child. Important factors taken into consideration are for example: How many words they understand, problem – solving capabilities, learning speed and ability to predict human behavior.

The best way for cultivating dogs’ intelligence is to work with your dog constantly, both physically and mentally.

So, buckle up! Let’s find if your current or future dog is on our list of top10 smartest dog breeds:

1.Border Collie

There is no list without this handsome smart-ass. Border Collie takes first place on many lists of high intelligence dogs, one may say they are above all dogs talking about important traits we mentioned in the introduction of this article.

This sheepdog can learn a new command in under five repetitions, and also perform just about any job you give them. Their abillity to learn new things and solve problems on the way are amazing. Chaser, also one Border Collie even knows 1202 toys by name.

Since they have a strong working drive it is very important to keep them constantly working and moving, otherwise they could become destructive.


Despite their foo foo haircut, the Poodle is a highly intelligent dog with some of the best canine brain power.

Even if they were bred for bird hunting, through their history, they also served as shepherd dogs, in wars for bringing supplies over the battlefield and all over to the performing arts.

These doggos are nowadays very athletic and highly trainable with the possibility to learn how to jump through a hoop or even balance on a ball. If you want to work and train with your dog and laugh a lot, this high class dog would be the right choice for you.

3.German Shepherd

The German Shepherd dog was from the beginning 1889 bred for utility and intelligence, so we should not be surprised by the level of athleticism and intelligence this dog possesses.

German Shepherds are able to learn the commands for several tasks – which is the reason why they are nowadays so used as service dogs.

These dogs thrive when given important tasks to accomplish. One can see them in various situations, for example, military and police service, in supervising and protecting the children or as skilled herders.

They can also be wonderful family dogs. It is important to give them a lot of mental stimulation and exercise.  

4.Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever is highly positioned on many lists of favorite pets. Among the many jobs they do, their highest expertise is being the best family dog.

They have always been praised as good followers of hunters for their athleticism and diligence. This breeder is very obedient, agile and can be easily trained; that’s why everyone around them and their understanding of when to be stupid people around the world adore them.

In addition to being a skilled hunter, these dogs are trained companions for disabled people, including guide dogs for the blind. They are also trained to find drugs and rescue people in extreme situations.

5.Doberman Pinscher

Their origins are from Germany where they were bred to protect tax collector Karl Friedrich Louis Dobermann on his routes. Also in WWII german army used them for exposing hidden enemies in jungles.

These muscular dogs learn very fast, follow orders very well and love to accomplish tasks they were given. After all, Dobermanns are still used as guardians and protectors.

The fact they are loyal and intelligent makes them nowadays very good family dogs. In principle they are very peaceful dogs, with presence of competent and reliable person who can provide suitable upbringing, this bred will show its gentle temper.

6.Shetland Sheepdog

Shetland shepherd dog originated from the Shetland islands, northeast of the scottish coast. Often you will hear people calling them miniature collies because of their similarity to the smart neighbour Border Collie.

These adorable fluff balls are very playful and energetic on every occasion, either at home with their families or  on the farm while working as shepherds.

They are well known for their obedience and intelligence, that in combination with their herding skills makes them good guard dogs. Shelties are also experts in understanding the reactions and behaviors expected from them in various situations.

7.Labrador Retriever

This simple family dog, named after the cold waters of Newfoundland, has been named the most popular breed in the United States for an unbelievable 27 years in a row. Most likely their tendency to please everyone everywhere made them be so popular.

Labs are well known by their hunting prowess, but except for that these intelligent dogs are also included in many other activities like therapy work or canine water rescue.

Labrador retrievers get along well with other pets, but also with other people they never met before. This information reveals us how they are not guard dogs, but in case someone attacks you they will start defending you.


Do not be fooled by their appearance and their reputation as lap dogs, Papillon is everything, but not the usual lap dog. As a matter of fact, they are one of the smartest of all the toy breeds.

Papillons are very smart, active, athletic and highly trainable, which has been proven many times by all the first places they took at agility competitions.

Like most of the small dogs Papillon is also stubborn, but with good interactive training one can motivate them to learn various different tricks.


Even if they look powerful and frightening, these strong dogs can often be quite silly and playful. Rottweilers originated in Germany, where the Germans used them for pulling carts loaded with meat to market.

This dog has two sides: from one side Rottie is very affectionate and fun-loving, mostly to trusted family members; when on the other hand shows cold behavior to strangers, or even teeth as a sign of warning.

Most important is to train and socialize with them from the very beginning so they could one day mature into solid canine members.

10.Australian Cattle Dog

High energy and hard-working, Australian Cattle Dogs are very famous for their intelligence, they are so cunning that sometimes they succeed to outsmart their owners.

These doggos are a crossbreed of blue merle shepherds and native Australian dingo. They were originally bred to herd cattle and this is the job they like the most.

If you treat them well you will stay friends for life because they are obedient and always when possible near to their owners. It is very important to keep them stimulated otherwise they start to be destructive and take some actions you may not like.

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