This Touching Moment Went Viral: A Man Saved A Beagle From Being Put Down And He Tanked Him With A Hug

As true lovers of pets, especially dogs, we are saddened every time we see abandoned animals. The only positive in this whole story is the rescue shelters, which are also their last hope to find a new family. Unfortunately, it often happens that they don’t find their happiness there either because no one wants to adopt them, and many of them are euthanized because of the high cost of treatment caused by their serious health problems. Sometimes dogs in shelters do not get their turn to be euthanized not only when they are old and sick, but also when they are young, mainly because there are not enough places in shelters and not enough funds for their care. Such a fate was experienced by the hero of our today’s story, the adorable little Beagle Gregory.

Fortunately, Gregory did not end tragically and was saved by his big-hearted hero named Joe Kirk. That rescue operation happened just days before Gregory was due to be euthanized at the shelter. In a surprisingly nice gesture, Gregory thanked Joe with an emotional hug, which was captured on camera and quickly went viral as one of the best dog hugs ever. When something like this becomes public, the number of people who become aware of abandoned dogs in shelters and start rescue operations always increases.

By the way, Joe and Schenley Hutson-Kirk of Findlay, Ohio, are co-founders of a non-profit dog rescue organization called Hound Rescue and Animal Sanctuary. In addition to rescuing abandoned dogs and providing care and shelter for these dogs, the organization also deals with the search for their new families and homes. In addition to young dogs like Gregory, the shelter’s regular residents include older dogs and dogs that “cannot be adopted”, they are given special care and the opportunity to stay here for life and live out the rest of their lives as well as possible. The specialization of the married couple Kirk and the other members of the shelter is rescuing dogs from high-risk shelters and kill shelters, just as was the case with the hero of our story today, the adorable Beagle Gregory.

After Gregory was rescued, he was immediately taken to the vet. Unfortunately, after the examination, he tested positive for heartworm and needed immediate intervention. Gregory’s health and recovery became mission number 1 for the Kirk couple. Gregory was not the only one with whom they worked on the recovery process, there were at the same time up to 30 other dogs who went through the same process from the examination at the vet to the necessary medical care, attention, and love that were needed on the road to recovery.

The effort and hard work of the married couple Kirk finally paid off, Gregory successfully completed the treatment and after all, found his new family, that new forever family already had a Beagle, so Gregory instantly got a new canine friend. If you ask the Kirks how many dogs they have saved, their answer will be “one more”, for them it is not something that counts, it is simply done out of love and they continue with the rescue mission as much as possible.

All in all, this is a wonderful story with a happy ending, a testament to the kindness and impact people can have on animals in need. We hope that this story will serve as inspiration and motivation for all of you to do something for dogs in trouble yourself, to maybe give them a home or find them a home. To begin with, you can share this story with as many people as possible to raise awareness of the need to help all dogs and other abandoned animals to take at least the first step forward.

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