Pregnant Stray Dog Cries From Happiness When Realizing She’s Being Adopted

One fine day, Jack Anderson and his wife were enjoying lunch. During that lunch, they noticed a dog staring at them. Although it didn’t preoccupy them too much, that look will forever change their lives and the life of that dog.

After they finished their lunch and headed towards the exit of the restaurant, they again noticed the same dog looking towards them. That renewed look let them know that that dog wanted something from them. When they looked a little closer at the dog, they noticed that it had a pregnant belly. As soon as they saw it, regardless of the dog’s life situation, they decided to talk to her and see if there was any problem or if something might be wrong with the dog.

When they approached the dog, it immediately backed away. This led them to conclude that it was a stray dog since it is so timid. Anderson was most worried about the number of scars on the dog’s body, it is obvious that she has gone through many traumas until now, so it is no wonder that she is afraid of unknown people. At this moment, it became clear that this dog is looking for help, that it can’t do it alone anymore.

After a while, Jack and his wife slowly managed to get closer to the dog and gain some of its trust. When they got close enough, they let her eat some food out of their hand. It didn’t make sense for them to leave a pregnant dog alone on the road without access to food and the necessary care, so they decided to take her home with them.

The whole way home was a bit emotional. The dog was still scared, but not as before, but now he was lying on Jack’s wife’s lap and enjoying being petted, she enjoyed being petted so much that she cried from happiness. Shortly after they arrived home, Jack and his wife named the dog Poppy and welcomed her as a new member of the family. It didn’t take long for Poppy’s personality to change and for her to become happy, cheerful, and playful. Her adjustment to the new family didn’t take too long.

As Poppy was pregnant, the Andersons had no choice but to help her give birth in the best possible conditions and for them to take care of the newborn puppies until they were old enough to be put up for adoption. Poppy’s maternal instinct worked and she was a mother full of care, love, and protection for her cubs, all of which were kept under the watchful eye of Jack and his wife so that the birth and growing up would go well.

Over time, Jack and his wife have come to love Poppy and have no intention of giving her up because she has become an integral part of the family. All her puppies grew up healthy and were given up for adoption to loving families. Although it was not easy to put them up for adoption because the Andersons loved them, they were happily and successfully adopted. On the Instagram profile, you can see a video where all the new adopters sent a couple of shots of them happily spending time with the newly adopted dogs from Poppy’s litter.

At the end of the day, this is a positive story with a happy ending. We all owe a big thank you to the Anderson family for rescuing this wonderful dog and giving it a second chance at life, they can serve as an example of how the life of one dog and the life of the whole family can change for the better if we are ready to lend a helping hand to an unfortunate dog.

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