A True Hero: Greg Has Driven More Than a Million Miles Across The USA And Rescued More Than 30 000 Dogs (VIDEO)

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This is a story about a truly special man on a life mission. Greg Mahle is from Ohio, USA and his mission is to save as many dogs as possible. Because of this goal, he spends almost half a year on the road, covering thousands of miles, all in order to save dogs from shelters from certain death. These dogs are in a dog shelter with a high percentage of euthanized dogs in the Deep South, and Greg finds them there and brings them to their new families in the Northeast. His numbers are fascinating, in the last 10 years he has walked more than a million miles and saved more than 30,000 dogs.


Greg doesn’t leave anything to chance, rescuing dogs is his priority, and Greg is disciplined and goes on a week-long 4,200-mile trip every other Monday. Greg properly documents all the events he has on this incredible journey by posting on the Rescue Road Trips Facebook page, which over 100,000 followers currently follow. On that Facebook page, you can see happy dogs with their new families, and new friendship full of hope and faith in a better future.


Greg’s entire family is practically dedicated to his dog rescue mission. Unfortunately, due to his way of life and humanitarian work, he lives a rather modest way of life. In addition to financial challenges, Greg’s wife and stepson don’t spend almost half a year with him because of his duties related to the Rescue Road Trips dog rescue mission.

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Fortunately, some media recognized Greg’s work and contribution, including the Today Show, Parade Magazine, and The Boston Globe. Journalist Peter Zheutlin is so grateful to him for his work that it is even the subject of his book “Rescue Road: One Man, Thirty Thousand Dogs and a Million Miles on the Last Hope Highway”. We hope that the popularization of Greg in various media will contribute to the emergence of some good people who would be willing to donate so that this mission can continue because the costs that Greg and his organization have are not small.

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