Top 10 Rarest Dog Breeds in the World

Even if you are personally among the most dog-savvy lovers probably sometimes you came across the breed you never saw in your life before. If you didn’t know there are officially 195 recognized dog breeds in the world now. Kennel clubs around the world find and recognize some really obscure and unusual breeds, what might awake interest in every dog lover.

Dogs come in various shapes and sizes, with different traits that are shaped by their purposeful breeding. Especially if you are interested in adopting a rare dog breed, or if you are curious and want to learn as much as possible about our four-legged friends, you are in the right place.

For all of these reasons we have mentioned, we decided to write an article about the top 10 of the rarest dog breeds in the world. Some of them maybe you know, and some you have already seen, but still we bet you  will find down below a pupper you never heard of. So let’s start:

1.Fila Brasileiro

Fila Brasileiro was originally bred to be a hunting and guard dog. It is commonly believed their origins are coming from the Mastiff and Bloodhound.

These dogs are known for their tracking ability and aggressive nature. Usually they are wary of strangers and naturally protective, but also very loyal, what makes them excellent guard dogs.

Because of their not so positive opinion about strangers and their demand for a lot of exercise, this breed is not suitable for living in cities which are often too cramped for them.

As their name says they originated in Brazil, where there is among people there one very common saying ” As faithful as Fila ” in honor to Fila Brasileiro.


The Telomian is a very rare purebred, and the only known dog that originates from Malaysia. They were originally bred by the Orange Asli indigenous people to control pests and other small jungle animals.

 Since the Orange Asli built their homes on stilts in order to protect themselves from wild animals, these dogs developed special climbing skills while living with them . Because of their origins (they descend from feral dogs such as dingos) and athletic constitution, they don’t make the best family companion, especially for families with small children.

In order to have the best of this breed you must intensively train with them and socialize from their early age.

3.New Guinea Singing Dog

Once a wild animal and now widely accepted domestic dog. New Guinea Singing Dogs earned their fans by unique vocal abilities, which sound like singing.

Coming from Guinea, their domestication actually started pretty early with New Guinea tribes, besides hunting, kept this breed near to their children for companionship.

Nowadays, these singing dogs are used both as pets in households and as wild animals, just like from their very beginning, but yet in slightly  different conditions than before.


Stabyhouns come from Friesland, a province in the Netherlands, and today they are unfortunately not so numerous with only around 7000 specimens left.

These dogs are great hunters and guards with expertise in catching vermins, like rats and moles. With the ability to withstand cold, this doggo is used a lot as a working dog in cold winter conditions.

Stabyhoun has average both intelligence and obedience level, it is highly trainable and requires intensive socialization in combination with training in order to fulfil its need for activity.

This breed is affectionate and tolerant which make them good family dogs, especially because of their proclivity to friendship with kids and other pets.


The Mudi is a small to medium-sized Hungarian herding dog whose origin reaches back to the 15th century. This breed was close to becoming a rare breed, but luckily they were rehabilitated from survivors back in the 1960’s. They belong to the herding group along with the German Shepherd, Border Collie and Australian Shepherd.

The Mudy is a real working dog with its talent, for example, in herding, rodent extermination or flock guardian.

As pets these dogs are easy to care for with their occasional shedding tendency and from-time-to-time grooming needs. With their active, intelligent and happy personality you would have fun having them in your household.  If this happy doggo is raised by you then it will get better along with children and other pets, otherwise bringing an adult  Mudi would take a lot of skill and training because they do not tolerate children teasing and will protect themselves in that case.


The Azawakh is a tall and slender breed originated in west Africa. These dogs belong to the sighthound group and like the other sighthound dogs they are also excellent runners and hunters. With its speed of 40 mph this dog has even been used to hunt Gazelles.

They are elegantly built, extremely intelligent, independent, loyal, playful and affectionate.

All in all, if you are in search of a low maintenance, guard dog who will with its appearance attract other people’s eyes while you walk with it in the park, the Azawakh would be definitely a good choice.


Catalburun is a dog of a really rare and unique look. They are one of the only dogs in the world with split noses and suspended ears, just like their name Catal (split) Burun (nose) says in Turkisch where they are originally bred. These dogs have been very rare and most likely such a specific look of their head  originated due to severe inbreeding in order to save the breed.

The Turkih Pointer , how they are also well known, is characterized by high intelligence and therefore is necessary to work with this dog daily on mental exercises. Their personality in combination with proper training makes them a lovely and calm companion.

8.Carolina Dog

The Carolina dog, also known as American Dingo,  is a rare and primitive dog breed. They are found around 1970′ in the South Eastern United States living as wild and free roaming dogs in the cypress swamps, and are relatively new to domestication.

Even not fully, but their ruggedly handsome look and intelligence in combination with a gentle and loyal personality make Carolina dogs nowadays a widely accepted domestic breed.

These dogs are best suitable for outdoorsy types, active singles or families with older children.

9.Lagotto Romagnolo

The Lagotto Romagnolo is an Italian breed coming from the Romagna sub-region of Italy. They were originally bred as water retrievers and hunting dogs, also specialized for truffle finding.

This medium-sized dog is easygoing, affectionate and loyal. Since they are easy to train and care for, that makes them an excellent family dog. They also get good along with all pets, without exception.

Because of their sharp sense of smell, they can warn you in advance about the arrival of guests or invasion of the territory, all these abilities and high obedience level make them a great watch dog.

10.Thai Ridgeback

These unique dogs originated in Thailand, and they got the name “Ridgeway” by that ridge or a strip of hair that grows in the opposite direction of the rest of the coat on their back.

Thai Ridgebacks bark only when they sense a potential danger, and therefore they are definitely one of the quietest dogs you will find around. That trait makes them also good watch dogs, because if they bark you know something sure went or will go wrong.

The interesting challenge for the owner would be the fact they prefer one person over everyone else. It is still not sure how they make that choice but if you are the one who is picked, expect them to do anything for you in every time you want.

What do you think?

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