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Dog the Pet is a community of dog lovers from all around the world. We as a small group of dog enthusiasts decided to start this brand in October 2020.

Dog the Pet provides you daily with new doggie videos, pictures, memes, articles, quizzes and much more.

Right now you are asking yourself why we started this all, right? We all know very well how our beloved doggos make our everyday life fun and interesting, and our hearts filled with warmth and love, so we legitimately asked ourselves why not to share that with as many people as possible. Our community is still young, but grows very fast and we would be glad to have you with us too.

Why should you join us? Again a very good question.

If you want to laugh and make your day better watch the memes and videos we have to show you, or if you are in search for even more fun take one of our quizzes.

For the ones who need a good start in the day or reminder how much doggies are important in our lives, we prepared dog quotes and some adorable pictures in order to fill your heart with joy.  And in the end if you need more information about dogs in general, read one of our articles.

For every dog lover something – that is our motto.