A Bubble House Is No Longer A Barrier Between Sally, The Bubble Puppy, And The World (VIDEO)

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The heroine of our today’s story, Sally, has gone through a difficult and inspiring road of recovery to a happy and healthy dog. Sally had just hatched when her rescuer, veterinarian Kathryn, took her into her arms. Sally had a difficult health situation because she was suffering from pneumonia, which made it very difficult for her to breathe. To save her, Kathryin provided Sally with a constant supply of oxygen by placing her in a tank known as the “Bubble”, it was the only way for Sally to survive.

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Although she was in a difficult life situation and her life took place within the four walls of an oxygen tank, Sally showed a strong will to live. Every time someone paid attention to her, she would come to the wall of her bubble, kiss the wall, and constantly look outside, it seems as if she was dreaming and firmly believed that one day she too would be able to enjoy the outdoors like that. Unfortunately, her stay outside the bubble was almost impossible because she would run out of air after just a few seconds.

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Sally was very lucky to be found by Kathryn. Kathryn never gave up on Sally and constantly worked on Sally’s recovery, giving her all possible attention and monitoring her recovery and treatment. As Sally got better, Kathryn took the opportunity to sometimes take her out of her bubble for a change of scenery and to practice breathing on her own. as time went on and Sally’s lungs got stronger, she was able to stay out of the bubble for longer and breathe on her own without a constant supply of oxygen.

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Over time, as Sally grew bigger, so did her bubble, so that she could move more freely. Kathryn was the main one here again, who made a bigger bubble and thus Sally enabled freer movement and a more comfortable stay.

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After a few months, all the hard work paid off, Sally was given permission to leave the bubble and start a new life with her foster family. Her adoptive mother was Kathryn’s colleague from work, Bonnie, who already had several dogs, so Sally immediately got new friends to play with.

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Sally’s life from that moment became a real fairy tale; for the first time, she did some things that other dogs do normally, like walking in the park, swimming in the pool, etc. She was finally able to live life like other normal dogs, you can only imagine how much she enjoyed it after everything she went through, that’s exactly what you can also see in this video:

This is another story that shows us how love and care for a dog, regardless of the outcome of everything and regardless of its current state of health, always pays off. These were actually two miracles, Sally who survived by sheer force of will, and Kathryn who showed incredible love and care for a dog that had little chance of survival.

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